Q: What does Equitas mean?

A: From the traditional Latin:

  1. Just and equitable conduct toward others; justice, equity, or fairness.
  2. The uniform relation of one thing to others; equality, conformity or symmetry.
  3. A quiet, tranquil state of mind, evenness of temper.
  4. The fair and equitable treatment of other people.

Q: What is your typical client size?

A: Our clients range from high net worth individuals with portfolios of a few million dollars to corporate and insurance clients whose portfolios are hundreds of millions of dollars.

Q: Do all of your clients end up with the same portfolios?

A: No.  Equitas customizes each of our clients’ portfolios to meet their unique investment objectives and risk tolerance levels. No two clients have the same portfolios.

Q: Which investment managers do you utilize?

A: Equitas performs due diligence on hundreds of managers every year and we subscribe to databases that contain data on thousands of investment managers. As an independent investment consultant, we are free to choose the best investment managers globally from which to construct our clients’  portfolios.

Q: What services do you provide?

A: Investment Policy Statements The investment policy statement is a blueprint for investment decisions required of a client’s fiduciaries. We work to build a living document that serves as a guide to meet your company’s objectives and provides prudent risk management oversight.

Asset Allocation Studies The asset allocation process begins with a comprehensive assessment of the Fund’s objectives, preferences and constraints. We blend the Fund’s cash flow needs, actuarial functions, liquidity concerns, regulatory constraints, risk tolerances and the funding status into a comprehensive decision matrix to build an asset allocation strategy.

Dynamic Risk Management  Equitas recognizes the importance of asset allocation in client portfolios as well as the importance of preserving capital through downturns. Therefore, we have designed a service using proprietary indicators based on the momentum and trends of asset classes designed to help smooth out returns during times of distress.

Manager Search & Selection We utilize seven comprehensive databases of investment managers to search and select an appropriate fit for your company. In addition, we analyze a number of qualitative factors, such as philosophy and process, when selecting a manager.

Manager Performance Evaluation & Review Once an investment manager has been selected for the Fund, Equitas begins the process of measuring and evaluating their performance. We provide fully customizable reports on a quarterly basis which we review with the client to address any questions or concerns.

Investment Manager Style Analysis  On a periodic basis, We will conduct an in-depth analysis of the style consistency of the Fund’s investment managers. After all, the Fund has engaged a number of investment managers, each with their own investment style and performance attributes, in accordance with the Asset Allocation Study and Investment Policy Statement. At Equitas, we monitor and track manager style drift and calculate if the drift has actually helped or hurt performance.

Attribution Analysis An attribution analysis allows institutional consultants to better evaluate the valued added by portfolio managers. We segment investment returns into four categories in our analysis: sector returns, style returns, activity returns and security selection.

401 (k) Consulting Equitas offers a comprehensive review and evaluation of 401 (k) plans. We are able to offer the unique service of Customized Model Portfolios because of our experience in constructing investment programs and portfolios for our clients.

Alternative Investments We offer extensive research and analysis of alternative investments. Alternative investments often favored because their returns have a low correlation with those of traditional asset classes.

Fiduciary Education In an ever-changing investment environment, a fund’s fiduciaries must stay abreast of trends and practices marketplace. The professionals at Equitas have provided educational workshops and seminars for over twenty years.

Custody Review One of the most overlooked aspects of a client’s relationships is their custody arrangement. Equitas has developed an extensive screening and review process to evaluate a custodian.

Fee Negotiations Equitas assists in all negotiations between the fund’s investment managers, custodians, and other service providers. In many cases, we have been able to affect overall savings equivalent to the fee for our services.

Q: Who are your typical clients?

A: Our clients range from foundations and endowments to corporations and insurance companies. We also consult to retirement plans, high net worth individuals and family offices.