Jul 17

My grandmother was born in 1898 when Oklahoma was still an Indian territory.  The amount of innovative inventions and new technology developed in […]

Apr 22
KnowRisk Coronavirus Update

These are no doubt the “interesting times” from the old Chinese proverb.  As discussed before, bull markets die from trigger points and not […]

Feb 27

The coronavirus is the big news of 2020.  Originally thought an airborne virus which can be contained by masks, corona is now believed to be […]

Jan 28

A Decade in Review

At New Years’ Eve in 2009, the mood was somber yet cautiously optimistic as the S&P500 had rebounded halfway from […]

Oct 24
Pick Your Pivot Point

Growth has the Momentum

For this KnowRisk Report, we are undertaking some research on the pivot points between the Growth and Value […]

Apr 23
Yield Curve Inversion

While the 1st Quarter 2019 saw a much-welcomed V-shape recovery from the 4th Quarter 2018 decline, there are still a few clouds hanging […]

Jan 23
Active and Passive Money Management

A line between active and passive investment funds is set to cross next year.   Since the end of 2006, investors have withdrawn […]

Oct 19
The Cyclicality of Style and Location

The capital markets have grouped equities into two main divisions: Growth and Value.  These two groups are differentiated by the “style” of the […]

Apr 25
How is Your Hippocampus?

Why does everything in the press these days seem to be a crisis?  A crisis triggers emotions that have a powerful effect on […]