Oct 17
The Rise of Artificial Intelligence Investing

“Technologies continue to advance. They accelerate the progression of seemingly unrelated technologies, exploding what is possible at a pace that is difficult to […]

Jul 25
Opportunities Abroad

We are long believers in the power of international diversification.  However, since 2009 the US S&P 500 has returned over twice the international […]

Apr 18
Active vs Passive Investing

The evolution in the asset management industry has picked up pace in recent years. A long term trend has been taking place in […]

Jan 30

In our Second Quarterly letter of 2016, we welcomed our friends and intelligent investors to the Exponential Age, a new industrial revolution for […]

Oct 24
Market Update

Part of our work at Equitas includes staying up to date on the latest research from top managers on Wall Street and across […]

Jul 21
Welcome to the Exponential Age The New Industrial Revolution

Singularity University is a Silicon Valley think tank that offers educational programs and a business incubator. It was founded in 2008 at the […]

Apr 18
The Great Divide – Passive vs. Active

A Market with FANGS

A recent Wall Street Journal article addressed the significant change in 2015 from actively managed funds to indexing. For the […]

Jan 27

Investors are facing stiff challenges as 2016 opened with a bang. Actually, more like an explosion… of selling; as if someone flipped a […]

Oct 14
Pessimism Is Popular

An explosion rocks the Syrian city of Kobane during a reported suicide car bombing by the Islamic State, as seen from the Turkey-Syria border, on […]