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Jul 25
The ABC’s of Asset Allocation

“Choosing an asset allocation is one of the most important decisions that investors make.” – Rodgers & Associates, 2016

“In a landmark […]

Apr 25
How is Your Hippocampus?

Why does everything in the press these days seem to be a crisis?  A crisis triggers emotions that have a powerful effect on […]

Feb 20

Equitas Capital Advisors CEO David S. Thomas, Jr. talks to U.S. News about choosing a Human or a Robo Advisor

Click on the below link to […]

Jan 30
Bitcoin – Boom or Bust?

With the […]

Dec 14
David Thomas – Forbes Contributor

Great Speculations Contributor

CEO of Equitas Capital Advisors LLC, and Equitas Partners LLC. Equitas serves as an outside Chief Investment Officer for family offices, foundations, universities, […]

Oct 17
The Rise of Artificial Intelligence Investing

“Technologies continue to advance. They accelerate the progression of seemingly unrelated technologies, exploding what is possible at a pace that is difficult to […]

Jul 25
Opportunities Abroad

We are long believers in the power of international diversification.  However, since 2009 the US S&P 500 has returned over twice the international […]

Apr 18
Active vs Passive Investing

The evolution in the asset management industry has picked up pace in recent years. A long term trend has been taking place in […]

Feb 07
Equitas announces Brandon Grandbouche as Chief Operating Officer

David S. Thomas, Jr., CEO of Equitas Capital Advisors, LLC announced that Brandon S. Grandbouche, QPFC, has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer and Senior […]