Dynamic Risk Management

Equitas recognizes the importance of asset allocation in client portfolios as well as the importance of preserving capital through downturns. We also recognize that markets and fundamentals can become dislocated especially during times of distress, and in those cases “relative” performance may still be poor. Even an active manager that beat his benchmark by 10% that year still would have lost a whopping 42.3%.

Therefore, Equitas has designed a service using proprietary indicators based on the momentum and trends of asset classes designed to help smooth out returns during times of distress. The Equitas Active Asset Allocation strategy has two objectives:

  • Deliver positive absolute return over a one-year period
  • Outperform inflation plus 5% over a three-year period.

Additionally, the strategy aims to offer:

  • Daily liquidity
  • Transparency
  • Monthly rebalancing
  • Diversification across numerous asset classes.