Performance Evaluation and Review

Once an investment manager has been selected for the Fund, Equitas Capital Advisors begins the process of measuring and evaluating their performance. The primary objectives in this process are:

  • Investment Returns Versus Investment Policy
  • The Degree of Risk Assumed in Achieving Investment Results
  • Current Market and Economic Conditions
  • Relative and Absolute Measures

Our staff of professional performance analysts engages in a seven-step process to produce a client’s performance report.

  • Step OneAccumulate Investment Data from Account Statements
  • Step TwoCalculate Returns
  • Step Three Reconcile Returns
  • Step Four Measure Returns Against Benchmarks and Universe
  • Step FiveAnalyze Portfolio Performance
  • Step SixProvide Portfolio Commentary
  • Step SevenProduce Custom Performance Report

Equitas Capital Advisors provides fully customizable reports on a quarterly basis which we review with the client face-to- face to address any questions or concerns on a proactive basis. We have found it useful to work with the client to design a variety of reports tailor-made for the different decision-making groups within a client relationship.

  • For instance, on a quarterly basis we may produce an abbreviated executive summary containing three or four specific pages intended to give the Board a high-level overview of the composite portfolio.
  • At the same time we prepare a more detailed executive summary for the Investment Committee that also contains investment manager modules and analysis.
  • Finally, we prepare a complete set of composite portfolio and manager level diagnostics and analytics on an annual basis–what we affectionately term “the brick” for its size–that provide tremendous detail on each of the portfolio’s investments.