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Jan 27
Dynamic Risk Management


Jeremy Grantham is one of the current asset allocation gurus on Wall Street.  He was co-founder of Batterymarch Financial Management in 1969 prior […]

Aug 26
Fear vs Value

Attached is part of a research report from a long conference call that we had today with one of our money managers.  This abbreviated report […]

Aug 20
Budget Banter

This quarterly KnowRisk Commentary gives you two views of government debt. The first is a greatly simplified description of the US budget called Federal Budget […]

Aug 15
S & P Downgrade Market Commentary

As markets continue to roil with news of Standard and Poor’s downgrade of the United States sovereign debt from AAA to AA+, Equitas would like […]

May 09
KnowRisk: Play Your CARDs Right

How many times have we heard the phrase, “Play your cards right and……”? We think that it also applies to investing, but we have added our unique Equitas insight to the phrase.

Apr 27
KnowRisk: Recognizing an Inflection Point (When You See One)

Forget predicting the future, observing the present is hard enough and very few people do it.

Apr 25
KnowRisk: Macroeconomics: The World Economy

mac·ro·ec·o·nom·ics (mak-roh-ek-uh–nom-iks) –noun (used with a singular verb)

The branch of economics dealing with the broad and general aspects of an economy, as the relationship between […]

Apr 24
KnowRisk: Economic Indicators: Financial Signposts

Introduction An economic indicator is simply any economic statistic, such as the unemployment rate, Gross Domestic Product, or the inflation rate, which indicate how well […]

Apr 23
KnowRisk: Portfolio Diversification: The Role of Asset Allocation

The Role of Asset Allocation

What is Asset Allocation? The asset-allocation decision is one of the most important factors in determining both the return and the […]