401(k) Consulting

Over time, many plan sponsors become complacent believing that, because their 401(k) plan is participant-directed, they are relieved of the fiduciary liability for conducting ongoing due diligence on the investment options offered by their plan. At Equitas Capital Advisors we have over twenty-five years of experience in evaluating investment options in 401(k) plans.

Our comprehensive review and evaluation process includes:

  • Written Investment Policy Statement
  • General Analysis of Investment Options
    • Number of Investment Options Offered
    • Investment Styles Offered
    • Security Overlap Within Investment Options
  • Detailed Analysis of Investment Options
    • Rolling Period Returns
    • Distribution of Returns
    • Correlation of Investment Options
    • Universe Analysis
    • Relative and Absolute Measures
  • Detailed Analysis of Service Providers
    • Plan Administration and Recordkeeping
    • Plan Structure and Options
    • Investment Options
    • Fee Structure
  • Detailed Analysis of Plan Demographics
  • Development of Model Portfolios
    • Minimum of Three, Maximum of Five
      • Conservative, Moderately Conservative, Moderate, Moderately Aggressive, and Aggressive
    • Distinctly Different Asset Allocations
    • Distinctly Different Risk-Reward Characteristics
    • Fund Specific Recommendations